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Phase-Wise Work Plan

First, we attempt to identify the multiple occupancies in the premises with varying occupancy classes, ranging from Residential Occupancy to Industrial Ordinary Hazard (Class G) to explosion hazard (Class K). Then it is decided unanimously by our consultants on how the job will be pursued in multiple phases. A typical introductory phase is designated below.

Phase 1: Risk Assessment and Hazard Mapping

  • A complete Hazard mapping of the whole premises including the assessment of the following:
    • Process Hazard Analysis
    • Risk Analysis
    • Fire Protection Equipment Inspection
    • Impairment Handling Capacity
    • Emergency Response Capacity
  • Fire Safety Audit including the following steps:
    • Understand the management systems and procedures for control
    • Assess the adequacy of these control systems
    • Identify critical tasks and activities that are necessary to maintain the effectiveness of controls
    • Gather and evaluate information to assure critical tasks and activities are being performed and documented
    • Report findings and exceptions, or deviations, from the established criteria
    • Confirm that changes have been implemented
  • Confirmation that sufficient data has been collected to develop a protocol for establishing:
    • The steps that need to be taken
    • How each step is to be accomplished
    • Who will take each step
    • In what sequence the steps need to be performed
  • The Electrical Safety Audit is concentrated on the following issues:
    • Examination, Installation and Use of Equipment
    • Identification of Disconnecting Means and Circuits
    • Working Space about electrical equipment
    • Guarding of Live Parts
    • Identification of Conductors
    • Polarity of Connections
    • Grounding
    • Grounding Path
    • Grounding of Equipment connected by cord and Plug
    • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
    • Cabinets, Boxes & Fittings
    • Flexible Cords and Cables
  • The audit results will suggest the mitigation plan of identified fire hazards and occupational hazards
  • Preparation of Fire Safety Plan in collaboration with Bangladesh Fire Service & Civil Defense authority

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